Sin will find you & LOTD ROMP

No matter where you hide,sin will find you!

-Eliavah ~ Nightingale Gacha RARE (Memento Mori April 2017)(Blood added on in photoshop)

-Gabriel-Barb-wired-Necklace  (Memento Mori April 2017)

-Gabriel-Barb-wired-Mask (Memento Mori April 2017)

-anxiety %devoted (skybox.neon) (Memento Mori April 2017)

-.ARISE. Face Wounds (Memento Mori April 2017)

-The Horror!-Sin Will Find You Neon Sign (Memento Mori April 2017)

-The White Crow-Blood&Dirt Tattoo layer

-little bones. Camila (C88 May 2017)




-[HU] Jena Harness -white (ROMP May 2017)

-Rowne.Olesya Lace Coat – White




2.Memento Mori


I’mma Nap 4ever

I'mma Nap 4ever

-+Half-Deer+ Tassel Garland – Pastel Rainbow – Long (Collabor88 May 2017)
-+Half-Deer+ Bunnylove Sofa – Lace Floral – Family (Collabor88 May 2017)
-Fancy Decor: Crawford Cabinet (white) (Collabor88 May 2017)
-Soy. Rose Neon Lamp [vase type] (Collabor88 May 2017)
-[P] Pillows, Springful Sheer Bed PG (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-Peaches ‘N Cream – CESP – Bunny Plush
-[BunBun] DayDream – Pillows
-{BunBun} Sugar Sweet – Pink Piggybank x
-[BunBun] DayDream – Planners (EXCLUSIVE) x
-Birdy – Boudoir – Mirror
-Birdy – Boudoir -Frames
-Eliavah ~ Omnipresence Backpack [WINGLESS HOLOGRAPHIC] (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-{BunBun} Daydream – Chair
-[BunBun] DayDream – Study Break x
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Agenda RARE
-{BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Cattuccino A x
-{BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Spilled Cookies C x
-{BunBun} Daydream – Desk x
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Tossed Clothes
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag RARE
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Paper Pile
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines
-CMYK// VAPORWAVE DECOR / CD mobile (Rewind May 2017)
-CMYK// VAPORWAVE DECOR / Poster (Rewind May 2017)
-[BunBun] DayDream – Goodnight Kitty Frame x
-[BunBun] DayDream – Strawberry Icecream Shelf x
-Birdy – Boudoir – Fur Chair Pink
-{BunBun} Daydream – Pink Floorlamp x
-floorplan. lazy square frame
-Birdy – Boudoir – Rug Pink
-Second Spaces – Lazy Day blankets – I Heart Naps
-Second Spaces – Lazy Day pillows – I Like Naps and You
-{BunBun} Sugar Sweet – White Curtains x
-CMYK 7. Give me that icecream (The Secret Hideout May 2017)


1.The Secret Hideout (Ends today May 21st 2017)

2. Rewind



"Come along dear visitor, your death..I mean tea awaits."

-Cureless-d.Stramonium Skin (Kawaii Project May 2017 soon)
-Moon. Hair – Once Oak (From Old Luxe Box)
-*Tentacio & Cureless* Galatea Doll Lolita – Dress RARE (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-*Tentacio & Cureless* Galatea Doll Lolita Body RARE (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-M.I.X.*Sweet Lolita -Headdress-(black&white) (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-Ahegao – Hair Bow – Black (Used as back bow for dress) (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-Lovely Disarray – Defect of Society (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-The Sugar Garden-Ruffle Parasols Black (Arcade June 2015)
-Moon Amore-Sweet Lydiah-Flying Eyeball
-DRD-Mystery Mansion ( Arcade September 2016 )


  1. The Secret Hideout

Six’s Visitors FAQ

Visitor: “Who are you?”
Six: “My name is Six, nice to meet you!”

Visitor: “Where I am?”
Six: “I suppose like all my other visitors who came across the brightly red rope blocking an entrance leading to another pathway with the sign ‘DO NOT ENTER!’ in all capable letters. One would think, that seeing such thing will make the person run the other way but I guess some fellows are real risk takers.”
Visitor: “Err..”
Six: “Oh I am heavily sorry for my rambling! to answer your question you have adventured deep into the old Wayward Forest. I am saddened to say, you are no longer in Sunny Lane Forest. Lucky for you, I own an old Victorian mansion just over that bridge. Please beware my home used to be an asylum for the mentally ill female patients.”

Visitor: “Why do I feel so dizzy…asylum!!?”
Six: “The fog here carries a thick toxic mist that can make one hallucinate, causing dizziness and headaches. This is because after doctors were done with their morbid experiments the bodies of the patients are then tossed into a death chute or underground tunnel to be collected for cremation or not. The patient’s family could then come pick up their ashes, but that never happened because once admitted to the asylum the person wasn’t seen as human anymore. Losing everything. The bodies that didn’t make it to the cremation process sat there and decayed over time.”
Visitor: “Um.”
Six: “Oh I’m rambling again aren’t I? I love living in my home because late at night I can hear the moan and groans of all the trapped tortured souls, music to my ears.”

Visitor: “Are you crazy?”
Six: “Oh my word! I’m quite sane, thank you very much.”

Visitor: “What are those things flying around you?”
Six: “Those things just so happens to be my loving companions, they help me see since I’m blind. Don’t get any ideas, dear visitor, we are very hard to kill.”
Visitor: “How did you!!?.. nevermind”
Six:”Enough of these silly little questions, you can ask more once inside. The cold brings back old memories I don’t like revisiting, come along. I hope you like tea?”
Visitor: “Er, sure.”

Afterlife & Fun LOTD



-Little Bones-Lovesturck
-LCKY-Zombie Hair (MODDED to only show the bangs)
-Gabriel- Take Me Leash (ROMP May 2017)
-Gabriel- Body Chane (ROMP May 2017)
-BUENO-Flor Lingerie-Black (ROMP May 2017)
-T.Whore-For Stole-Black
-CerberusXing- Lance (Bento Face Pericing)
-CerberusXing&Contraption- The Barrel Joint Skybox FULL SET
-Veechi-Winged Liners (Catwa)
-Pink Fuel-Fresh Lip Tints (Catwa)(tinted black)





-Olive-The Princess Hair (The Secret Hideout May 2017)

-Olive-The Heart Moon Gem Bindi (The Secret Hideout May 2017)

-Cubic Cherry-Lala Glasses (The Secret Hideout May 2017)

-Eliavah-Omnipresence Backpack (The Secret Hideout May 2017)

-Song-Mieko Eyes (The Secret Hideout May 2017)

-Adored – sweetness shadows – sunset drive edition (The secret Hideout May 2017)

-Boom-Hapa Skirt (N21 April 2017)



-Random Matter- Cermet Collar – Nervous

-FnH Teasey Net Boob Tube -Mesh- Black

-UC-Leather Bikini with belts


  1. Secret Hideout 
  2. N21 

Lone Bunny

Lone Bunny

-:MoonAmore: Ichigo Picnic / Glutton Plushie (Ginger) (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-/Wasabi Pills/ Chichi Mesh Hair – A (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-:MoonAmore: Ichigo Picnic / Headress (Sky) (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-.Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bindi (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-[Cubic Cherry] {Lala} glasses (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-:MoonAmore: Ichigo Picnic / Spring Dress (Sky) (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-[La Baguette] Bento Cute Rings – ROSEGOLD (the Secret Hideout May 2017)
-FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL2 (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-[P] Pillows, Springful Sheer Bed PG (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-Song-Mieko Eyes (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-Sugar Pill- Aoko Skin (The Secret Hideout May 2017)
-+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet – Group of Macarons
-+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet – Stack of 3 Macarons
-+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet – Rainbow Macaron Tower
-Pixicat- Wonderland.BasketCat RARE
-Aii-Neko neko #23 Ahoge #1
-Aii-Cotton Usagi Ears
-Reign-Dolly Plats
-The White Crow-Senpai’s Candy- Tan


1.The Secret Hideout 

Sad Plant Lady


-Soy. Weeping Willow (high density) (C88 April 2017)
-Schadenfreude Lola Pot o’ Succulent (C88 April 2017)
-Schadenfreude Aga Pot o’ Succulent (C88 April 2017)
-Schadenfreude Spike Pot o’ Succulent (C88 April 2017)
-Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – K
-Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – I
-Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – C
-Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – L
-DRD – Boho Princess – Planter
-Trompe Loeil – Daphne Garden Chair PG (C88 April 2017)
-{what next} Palma Coffee Decor (C88 April 2017)
-floorplan. cafe letterboard / don’t care (C88 April 2017)
-{what next} Palma Potted Plant (C88 April 2017)
-Trompe Loeil – Daphne Garden Table (C88 April 2017)
-Trompe Loeil – Daphne Garden Shed April (C88 April 2017)
-Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – M